About us

Abbott Learning LLC was founded in 2011 under its original name, Test Prep Works LLC.  We created and published our first test prep book in 2012, and have been developing additional books ever since.  Tens of thousands of students have benefited from our ISEE® and SSAT® prep books, either purchased directly through retail channels or through the hundreds of learning centers, schools, and other youth organizations that have incorporated our materials into their programs.  Today, we continue to create and publish test prep books under our Test Prep Works imprint.  In 2019, we launched our first online content under the Abbott Learning brand, a practice test for the ISEE Lower Level.


Christa Abbott, Founder, Head of Curriculum & Content

After receiving her bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College and a master’s degree in reading education from the University of Virginia, Christa began tutoring for a variety of companies and eventually on her own.  She quickly developed a reputation for helping students achieve superior results on independent school admissions exams.  One challenge she faced was the materials available to help students prepare — the few books available were put out by large publishing houses that clearly prioritized developing materials for other tests with larger markets.  Rather than use materials that she felt were substandard, Christa began to develop her own.  She completed and published her first book in 2012, and has written and published a dozen more since.  Additionally, she has been contracted by multiple test prep companies to develop their own proprietary materials.

Ben Abbott, Head of Operations, Sales & Marketing

Ben joined Abbott Learning (Test Prep Works at the time) in 2013 after a career leading product, marketing, and analytics efforts at a variety of larger firms.  At Abbott Learning, Ben leads the company’s product development, sales, and marketing efforts, including helping learning centers, schools, and other youth organizations customize our materials to incorporate into their test prep programs, and leading the initiative to develop online, interactive test prep content.  Ben is a graduate of Harvard College with a concentration in chemistry.